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Get Involved

How Can I Get Involved and Help?

  • Follow the journey of the Education Outreach team as they travel across Kenya, taking the Elephant Queen to schools and communities.
  • Bring your family and friends and come and join us at a Mobile Cinema Screening of ‘The Elephant Queen’.
  • Spread the word! Talk to your friends and family about the importance of Elephants and other wildlife and encourage them to watch the film and explore the resources available here on the website. Download the resources available and read and learn more about all the other characters in the film.

The Elephant Crisis

The number of elephants in Africa has plummeted in little over a century from approximately 10 million to less than half a million today - a decrease of 95%. Elephants continue to be illegally killed (poached) for their tusks - modified teeth - made of ivory. In the past ivory was fashioned into ornaments and exported to be made into piano keys, brush handles, billiard balls, combs, name seals (hankos) and also used as inlay and for intricate carvings. Today, the legal trade in ivory has been shut down, but there is still an illegal trade run by criminals.

Learn about Elephants

Explore the organisations that are working to protect Kenya's elephants. They differ in their areas of expertise but all are effective, accountable and united by a common goal:

  • Action for Cheetahs
  • African Wildlife Foundation
  • Amboseli Trust for Elephants
  • Angama Foundation
  • Big Life Foundation
  • Borana Conservancy
  • Conservation International
  • Elephants and Bees Project
  • Elephant Cooperation
  • Elephant Crisis Fund
  • Elephant Neighbors Center
  • Elephant Voices
  • Enonkishu Conservancy
  • Ilmamusi Mukogodo
  • Kenya Wildlife Service
  • Laikipia Forum
  • Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
  • Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust
  • Marwell Wildlife
  • Mara Elephant Project
  • Milgis Trust
  • Mount Kenya Trust
  • Mpala Research Center
  • Northern Rangelands Trust
  • Ol Malo
  • Ol Pejeta Conservancy
  • Sarara Foundation
  • Save the Elephants
  • Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
  • Space for Giants
  • Stop Ivory
  • Tsavo Trust
  • Wildlife Clubs of Kenya
  • Wildlife Direct
  • Wildlife Works

Apple & Elephants

Good news for Tsavo's elephants! Apple has made a substantial donation to elephant conservation in the Greater Tsavo Ecosystem based on the number of Apple TV+ views of The Elephant Queen.