elephant crisis


The number of elephants in Africa has plummeted in little over a century from approximately 10 million to less than half a million today - a decrease of 95%. Elephants continue to be illegally killed (poached) for their tusks - modified teeth - made of iv...


Explore the organisations that are working to protect Kenya's elephants. They differ in their areas of expertise but all are effective, accountable and united by a common goal.

How Can I Help?

Donate through Wildlife Conservation Network, a 501(c) charity that ensures that 100% of your donation goes into the field and makes a difference for elephants on the ground in Kenya. Your donation will help protect Athena's family and other wild elephant families for generations to come.

Apple & Elephants

Good news for Tsavo's elephants! Apple has made a substantial donation to elephant conservation in the Greater Tsavo Ecosystem based on the number of Apple TV+ views of The Elephant Queen. It surpassed all expectations.